LightWeight Laced Ankle Brace  
This lightweight version of a laced ankle brace is equally designed to conform to the ankle anatomy & to restrict Inversion & Eversion (rolling of the ankle). Includes sewn in spring Steel Medical Stays & consists of two layers of vinyl/nylon material. El


Warmth, firm compression & some protection. Contoured & sized for a better fit. Retains body warmth & can increase blood circulation. Reversible & lined both sides. (Heavy duty outer lining for durability).


Ultra Light Laceup ankle strap  
Ultra Light Nylon Laceup with fully adjustable figure-8 straps. Conforms to & supports sprained or weak ankles. Stirrup straps restrict Inversion & Eversion injury & simulate costly tape. Straps fully adjustable without removing shoes or re-lacing.

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