How to Order

Once you have gone into the categories and selected the product you wish to buy.

1. Double click on the product you wish to buy.

2. You should now see a larger image of the product and some drop down windows.

3. If you are ordering team uniforms, Just select the colours from the drop down windows, then you can go into buy team set and fill in the table.

4. If you are just buying one item make a selection from the drop down windows and then click ADD TO CART.

5. Now you are in the View Cart Window. In the Qty type in how many of this product you wish to buy.

6. Click UPDATE. Now you can go to checkout.

7. If this is all you need then go to select a delivery area and click on the area you would like it delivered.

8. Now click on checkout.

9. If you not registered before you will need to to create an account with your delivery address and details.

10.If you have registered enter your email and password and click continue.

11.Now you should be in the freight and delivery window. Select your delivery method and click next.

12.Check that all the delivery details are correct and click next.

13.Now you should be in the secure order form page. Check your details especially the delivery address. Enter the billing address if different than your delivery address. If not just tick the billing address box.

14.Select the payment option and add any comments regarding the order that you want in the details box.

15.Now if you are happy with all the details just click on the submit order.

16.If you are looking at the JB, Beseen, Biz, AIW, Ramo product range section you will need to send an email to us with the product you are interested in and the qty, sizes, colour, etc. We will do our best to help you.

17.If you need any help please call us on 02-47211655

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